Read of the week: Economic and health security for seniors

By Jennifer Mathieu Hosier | Accountable Delivery System Institute

Policymakers in recent weeks have turned their attention to deficit- and debt-reduction proposals, including changes to the nation’s top entitlement programs: Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Typical policy discussions separate the three, but individual decisions regarding any of these programs have a cumulative effect on the economic and health security of seniors. The Kaiser Family Foundation this week released a brief that highlights the interconnected role Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security play in ensuring a secure health and financial future for seniors now and in future generations. Visit the site

About Jennifer Mathieu Hosier

Jennifer Mathieu Hosier joins the Accountable Delivery System Institute with diverse academic and practical experience, including health care, marketing, human resources, education, and retail management. In her role as market intelligence analyst, Ms. Mathieu Hosier is responsible for monitoring market trends and translating her findings into reports and recommendations for ADSI clients and other key stakeholders.

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